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Saturday, May 30, 2009


(Note: This is the new first book in the Dark Angels series I changed it to the Night Angels Series fyi)

Chapter 1 Meetings
Her hazel eyes glanced at the clock on the wall.
Five more minutes.Five agonizing never ending minutes.
She wrote her name on her paper and handed it in.

She snatched up her books and bolted out of the door.
She met up with her friend Harley and yelled in her
ear. "AHHHH!!!!"
"Ow that was my ear." Elease complained starting down
the hall."Yea well so was mine so what do you want?"
Harley always knew when she wanted something ad she
could normally guess what it was too. "Er-um-well."
"Well you want me to come to the library with you
cause your afraid of what Crow wants to talk about."
Spot on. "Yea." Elease looked down in shame.
"Ok I'll go."

Crow Matthews,her boyfriend, was waiting by the doors
of their small library.When he saw her he smiled and
went inside not bothering to wait on her.Elease was
starting to turn to go the other way when Harley
planted her hands on her back and pushed her forward.
Jessica Rhodes burst out of nowhere grabbed Elease's arm
and started to drag her."where are we going?"
Elease asked frantically.'To the bus
loop remember?" Elease started walking backward.
I can't the ex's from hell are down there duh!!"
"Fine then come on Harley." Jessica started walking
the opposite way."coming." Harley drop her bags and
they started skipping down the hall singing Last Resort
head banging like the tards they truly are.Elease took a deep breath and walked inside.