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Monday, June 29, 2009


Sorry I have just be insanely busy reading
and everything I will try to post more chapters
soon ha ha I only have one follower so I don't
know why I'm writing this!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


(Note: This is the new first book in the Dark Angels series I changed it to the Night Angels Series fyi)

Chapter 1 Meetings
Her hazel eyes glanced at the clock on the wall.
Five more minutes.Five agonizing never ending minutes.
She wrote her name on her paper and handed it in.

She snatched up her books and bolted out of the door.
She met up with her friend Harley and yelled in her
ear. "AHHHH!!!!"
"Ow that was my ear." Elease complained starting down
the hall."Yea well so was mine so what do you want?"
Harley always knew when she wanted something ad she
could normally guess what it was too. "Er-um-well."
"Well you want me to come to the library with you
cause your afraid of what Crow wants to talk about."
Spot on. "Yea." Elease looked down in shame.
"Ok I'll go."

Crow Matthews,her boyfriend, was waiting by the doors
of their small library.When he saw her he smiled and
went inside not bothering to wait on her.Elease was
starting to turn to go the other way when Harley
planted her hands on her back and pushed her forward.
Jessica Rhodes burst out of nowhere grabbed Elease's arm
and started to drag her."where are we going?"
Elease asked frantically.'To the bus
loop remember?" Elease started walking backward.
I can't the ex's from hell are down there duh!!"
"Fine then come on Harley." Jessica started walking
the opposite way."coming." Harley drop her bags and
they started skipping down the hall singing Last Resort
head banging like the tards they truly are.Elease took a deep breath and walked inside.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Angels of Darkness Book 1 in the Guardian Series

“Yes!”“No, now stop talking so loud you’re gonna
get us kicked out.”I whispered to one of my best
friends Cheyenne Rhodes.“But you said you would.”
I can tell she is irritated but I don’t care.“How about
I come to practice today instead?”“No you are
coming to practice anyway because you are going
to do the talent show with me and that is final.”Trying
to negociate with Cheyenne is like trying to get the CIA
to negociate with terrorists, it just doesn’t work that way.
“Fine!” I say a little too loudly to be in the middle of an
assembly; needless to say everyone turns and stares at
me like I’m some kinda of weirdo, of course to them I
am.“That was my bad!” I quickly apologize and continue
talking to Cheyenne.Of course by now she is laughing her
head off.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am not going to be writing Cake anymore I have no inspiration for it at all
so I am going to start my other series called the Dark Angels Series.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ok I'm writing another book
but I'm not done with chapter 1
yet so it will probably take a little
longer to write chapters for Cake
so please be patient. :)




Chapter 1

She was out in the forest when she heard
something shift in the bush.
No ordinary person would have heard it
but her senses were specially trained to
pick up on the slightest little sounds. her
muscles newly vamped to shoot her forward
with the slightest push. Her hair was jet
black swept into a ponytail so her vision
wouldn’t be disrupted when she needed
it to catch a slight displacement in the brush.

She leapt to the side just as a Karambit flew
and stuck a tree nearby. Saige Welter had
never had the best aim. Aliza burst into a fit
of hysterics when she saw the bush shake
as if having a seizure. ‘ Aliza this is not funny
,” screeched Saige, “ I didn’t know this was a thorn bush!’
‘Well It looks funny to me.” Aliza replied
breathless from laughing so hard.
Just then V ,Aliza’s best friend, walked up beside
Aliza and asked ‘ why are you laughing at a bush?’
Again she burst in a fit of laughter soon v realized
what had happened , and she too started laughing.
Saige stood up brushing off the thorns sticking to his
clothes. Aliza soon started helping him. He put his arm
around her waist and started to leave. v followed suit
and they left cutter training camp to go get some food.

~-------------Part 2 Chapter 1------------------------~

#V was at the edge of the cliff ready to dive when
She realized she hadn’t shifted yet.
Quickly she changed into her other identity
known as Kayline.
Kayline’s ice blue eyes shifted downward, and fell
on the jagged rocks below. She gasped.
Where had they come from?

Aside from her blood red hair, ice blue eyes,
unusual height, strength, and intellect; she was crazy
enough to jump off a speeding hoverboard to catch
a butterfly.
She was the perfect Special.
Until Now........

~*This is my new very edited version of Cake as you can
see I combined the 2 chapters reworded many things and took out
A LOT!*~