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Monday, March 16, 2009

Angels of Darkness Book 1 in the Guardian Series

“Yes!”“No, now stop talking so loud you’re gonna
get us kicked out.”I whispered to one of my best
friends Cheyenne Rhodes.“But you said you would.”
I can tell she is irritated but I don’t care.“How about
I come to practice today instead?”“No you are
coming to practice anyway because you are going
to do the talent show with me and that is final.”Trying
to negociate with Cheyenne is like trying to get the CIA
to negociate with terrorists, it just doesn’t work that way.
“Fine!” I say a little too loudly to be in the middle of an
assembly; needless to say everyone turns and stares at
me like I’m some kinda of weirdo, of course to them I
am.“That was my bad!” I quickly apologize and continue
talking to Cheyenne.Of course by now she is laughing her
head off.